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Pengembangan Perbankan Syariah Secara Objektif dan Rasional dengan Pendekatan Mekanisme Pasar – Maulana Hamzah

This article explain about the fact of shari’a banking at indonesia, many people save his money under the ideal theory of economic system but in parctice, often to be irrasional. Expalining about the fact acc ording to quality and quantity, by research to internal of islamic banking as supply and society from any culture and religion as demand. Th e evidence of equilibrium between it can be looked in market mechanism, and this hope also need to fiscal policy. Th erefore by analyze to importent variabel of market, will be descript the shari’a banking development in the future. And the maslahah that promoted by islamic economic not stopped in ideal site but become the brand of them base on rasional and objectif site.

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